Recent Paintings

Subtle Vibrations

Abstract art by Jolita Yamuna – acrylic on canvas, predominant colours red, blue and gold.


Abstract butterfly acrylic on canvas by Jolita Yamuna. Predominant colour: Turquoise.

Life is a Flight

Acrylic on canvas of abstract butterflies. Predominant colours red, pink, purple. Available to purchase as an art print and also … Read More

Colours and Shapes

I just allowed my inner child to play effortlessly without an intention, just enjoying spontaneous expression, shape and colour. Available … Read More


Original acrylic on canvas Size: 30cm x 30cm Price: £160 including delivery anywhere in the EU

Quiet Whisper

This painting is about the colour, shape and expression. I was looking for balance and harmony among them. Predominant colours: … Read More


I was captured by the emotion of playfulness and I thought about a dog and the personality qualities I want … Read More

Pink Flowers

I started this painting with a carefree attitude as if nothing really mattered to me. I had this gentle subtle feeling which … Read More